Playboi Carti – VVS Diamonds lyrics

Light the gas, live forever
On my brother bitch I live forever
On my mama bitch I live forever
They can’t keep me out they field
Boy that’s real
Boy that’s real
Try to touch my life, you gon’ feel this shit hit
South Atlanta nigga, you can’t ask about me nigga
Posted with the killers, all my nigga drug dealers
And my mama so retired
So retired
So retired
I can’t be no pussy nigga, I can’t be no lame
Boy I got to get that guap, bitch like fuck the fame
We ain’t had a name, bitch I’m posted, she know my name
See these devil horns, I put all these niggas to shame
Boy up in the range, hold up hoe I need some brain
I can’t spare no change
Where was you while we was cooking them thangs
Niggas think they bout it, boy I know these niggas strange
VVS diamonds get yo chain snatched nigga
Nigga with some Robins give a fuck about your feelings
I’m a fuckin’ goblin I’m gonna fuck her
Bug ass nigga robber

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