Chromeo – Bad Decision lyrics


Don’t know what’s happening
… [?]
It’s only been a week
And abroad [?] outside at your house

I’m … [?]
Just let me in and hear me out

‘Cause it’s about a go down (Uh)

I’m think in straight
… [?] my speech
I could be a slave
You got me like a doll on a leash

And two thousands [?]
Your body makes me wanna be live
(And down on my knees)

Take it all my money for my pain (for my pain) [?]
Take it … [?]
You all up in my head
But I’m need a mad
You make me wanna make a…
Bad decision

Let’s broke in shop and trick
Maybe I could charter a jet,
I don’t give a shit
If I never get out of debt

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