AMG – Lick ‘Em Low Lover Lyrics


[Verse 1]
My homies always wonder I keep a girl on my tip
I ain’t the cutest muthafucka and I got big lips
But when I do with what I got with a freak on my side
Get your hoes in check, and yo, what the heck
I eat pussy, and you can even call me a pro
Let me get a napkin and knife and fork—where’s the hoe?
A connoisseur, I’m ready, willing, and pure
A long tongue to get a bitch sprung
Because I’m the type of nigga that won’t say much
But if you got a big ass, fill the glass
With a little more Hennessy
And the pussy right now is looking pretty to me
So come on, girl, get your ass under the covers
And let me show you first hand why I’m the Lick ‘Em Low Lover

(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower
(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower

[Verse 2]
Papa was a candy layer, so you can call me Baby Snickers
And we had plenty of visitors
‘Cause anytime mama was gone
Daddy had it goin’ on, to the break of dawn
I used to peep in the hole of the door
And all I saw was feet in the air, and my daddy’s face below
And we was suckin’ and suckin’
But I was tryna figure out why they wasn’t fuckin’ (yo, yo)
But back to the matter at mouth, I mean, the matter at hand
And all I could say was just “Damn!”
If he doin’ what I think he is, lickin’ pussy like a sucker
And that was the birth of the Lick ‘Em Low Lover

(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower
(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower
(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower
(Lover…) Lick ‘em lower, lick ‘em lower

[Verse 3]
In high school, I was voted “Most Likely to Go Down Under”
And I had more hoes than a street corner
They used to call me Daddy Long Stroke
It was an inside joke ‘cause I was pumpin’ the throats
I mean, hoe after hoe after bitch after bitch
I got a little rich and then came a freak bitch
Named Erica, legs and long hair and a
Booty that’ll make a nigga think she was wearin’ no
Panties or nothin’, bumpin’, I wish she was
She made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse
Butt booty naked I got, she was hotter than hot
I had to licky-licky-licky-licky-licky-licky
Lick her where the sun don’t shine
Took a sip of wine, and prepared for the tongue grind
I licked her up and down and she was mine
I bit her pussy and had her screamin’ and fartin’ at the same time

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