Leslie Walker – Light Of Your Love lyrics

As i walk in the sun
As you walk in the light
Of christen life of a song
With lord Jesus show the way
The fun of lord as my song
Is written by the friend

In your heart with christen
Life of soul with angel of south
As lord spoke the words of love for
My country man who music
In my heart of the rising sun
Of country sound as john
Kneels before the son of god

In light of country song as
I bow with a clean heart with john
As we walk in the light of god
Our lord servant of allulla
As i thank the lord for the country

And music in the wind and sound of
Lord above freely freely john the
Hedge hog and me in the wind of love with cross in hand
Of the allulla song in my heart
Of soul with angel of the south as
Lord spoke the words of love for mans
Music of gospel song with hedge hog john
The love of music in my soul

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