Ninja Man Not Dead Rumors Are False and Malicious His Rep Said

Ninja Man is alive and in good spirit despite rumors late yesterday evening that the dancehall legend passed away.

On Tuesday afternoon, rumors surfaced online claiming that Ninja Man died in the hospital from his recent heart attack. The news sent some of his fans into a panic while searching for answers to their many questions. went in search for those answers and uncovered a malicious plot by some individuals to spread false news about the artist.

A representative for the artist told us today that the rumors are not just false, but are malicious against the dancehall legend who is currently fighting for his life in the courts and also battling a serious illness. “There is just no truth to this bogus story, the man is alive and in good spirit despite what he is currently facing,” a rep for the artist told us. “These reports are just plain malicious against someone who is fighting for their life in an unjust criminal justice system. The man is battling a serious life threatening illness and they want to pronounce him dead before his time. What kind of people would want to do something like that. This is upsetting and people should stop it.”

Ninja Man is expected to learn his fate sometime this week and if found guilty he could be sent to prison for the rest of his life. The deejay, born Desmond Ballentine, his son Jamiel Ballentine, and their friend Dennis Clayton, are all on trial for murder and shooting with intent for the killing of Ricardo Johnson in March 2009. Police officers say that the three men shot and killed Johnson on Marl Rd, Kingston 11, following a dispute with Jamiel.

One prosecution witness testified in court saying that the three men fired two shots at him but he ran for his life, but his friend Ricardo wasn’t so lucky. That witness is now in the witness protection program.

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