Joell Ortiz – Talk Dat Lyrics


[Joell] I’m hearin’ New York back
[FTG] Yea, they say New York back?
[Joell] Ya I’m hearin’ that talk
[FTG] Ight Joell talk dat

[Joell] Black Polo tee 40 tucked where the horse at
If you was in my shoes you take ’em off where I walk at
{FTG] Caught dat? Tell ya wife to call a coroner
US citizen we still put four in her
[Joell] I just put more in the floor of my new corridor
Move birds fast hurry cane like Florida
[FTG] We still at the border the Trump wall wasn’t sent
Still movin’ clean water ta stamp safe for Flint
Shorty on me now but the scale is lit
Ironic how I get these buns afta I sell a bit
[Joell] They hella sick, I drive a whip you should neva tint
The R8 doors move on up like the Jeffersons
I know that gutta make ya chest wheezy
[FTG] If I knew what I knew now Joe I’d a did ’em greasy
[Joell] Hold up, ain’t ? like a ?wave grease?
[FTG] Yea these bums fry food in the same grease
[Joell] I just left Santorini we don’t do the same Greece
Y’all just sit around playin’ I be on plane seats

[FTG] New York rap
[Joell] Word, this New York rap?
[FTG] Yea I’m hearin’ that talk
[Joell] Ight Gordo talk dat

[FTG] Think I’m just bars leave you all wet?
I make it rain on stage like ? and ?
[Joell] Who’s the whip in that? Should I call Flex?
I deserve a new muscle car, I’ma hardcore vet

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