Rexx Life Raj – Where I Belong

See I’m sayin’ so you get from here to over there
And that flows to the singers
Real artists recognize that
See the foo foo guys, they don’t recognize that

[Verse 1]
Ay, all of my thoughts be clouding my judgment sometimes
Backtracking and second-guessing like I don’t know nothin’ sometimes
Seems like I’m spending hella my time to figure it out
Who are these niggas around
They’re just gonna ruffle my feathers
Stuck in my wings
Can’t get off the ground

[Verse 2]
I got the vision, they don’t got the vision
I’m well aware of all my decisions
When I need ’em and I call ’em everybody missing
When I got it they come back around this shit is fishy
I keep betting on Faraji even when it’s risky
My anxiety been finding ways to keep me busy
Guess it’s a blessing in disguise
I get lost in my mind
Still I rise every time
Still I rise

[Verse 3]
It’s been a hell of a ride
Niggas been off of my old shit, know that
I just get better with time
But that I never rewind
No, I don’t nickel-and-dime
I’d rather put it in the time
I’d rather work
I’d rather own all my own shit
I feel better when it’s mine
Know Imma shine
You know it

Walk into room soul glowin’
You see the light on me?
Look how it shines on me
I might have been down but not for long
When you turn around, know I’ll be gone
And be at the top where I belong
Where I belong
Spend a lot of time to right the wrongs
Then I let go of all my flaws
Headed to the top where I belong
Yeah, where I belong
Ohhhhh, oh

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