The Weeknd Pulls Plug On Selena Gomez Relationship Before Bieber

The Weeknd has reportedly ended his relationship with Selena Gomez from before the actress and Justin Bieber started hooking up again.

News of the couple’s demise came last weekend just days after she was spotted hanging out with her on-again off-again ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The Weeknd fans were quick to blame Justin Bieber for the breakup, but it turns out that the pop star had nothing to do with it except the fact that he make a good rebound for Gomez. TMZ reported that the XO singer pulled the plug on the relationship a few weeks ago after the two grew apart.

Their relationship has been fizzling out since around summer mostly due to his extensive touring and her shooting and new movie. They started talking a lot less and spending less time together. Sources say he called her up a few weeks ago to explain his stance on the relationship and why he is breaking up with her. The Weeknd felt like he was enjoying single life a lot more than he thinks and the relationship was putting a strain on him. The two have remained friendly since their split but with Justin Bieber coming back in the picture that will likely change.

Abel was spotted last night in the club grinding on a mystery female so he has been handling it pretty well.

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